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About us

Who we are ?

Excellent IT Services Co., LTD (“EIS”). is a System Integrator (SI) company. EIS was established since 2012.

EIS focused on provide IT solutions to all enterprise with cost effective to meet customer requirements.

Our staffs has more than 10 years+ in IT infrastructure for both on-premise and cloud solutions.

The following item shows some of our staffs experiences.

  • On-premise Solutions: Active Directory, Exchange Server
  • Networking Solutions: Switch,Firewall
  • Cloud Solutions: Microsoft Azure, Microsoft 365

IT solutions for converged customers satisfaction and business achievement


A Leading company in IT solutions and security.


What we Offer ?

We offer customized services for our clients.  However our services can be categorized below:


New installation or move data from existing system to new system. Provide required sub-system for project e.g. hardware, license to archive customers' requirements.

Training Services

In-house instructor led training courses by experts. Customer can customized course content based on staffs' experience, job functions to meet organization requirements.

Consultant Service

A man-day based project to visit customer site periodically. Suggest customers IT staff in implementing IT infrastructure security and high availability.


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